4 Signs you Should Replace your Windows

4 Signs you Should Replace your Windows

They say eyes are the windows to the soul. Perhaps that can be extended to mean windows are the eyes of a home. We ought to take care of our windows the same way we take care of our eyes, but windows can easily be neglected. Beyond wiping down the glass panes, what more can you do? Sometimes, the best way to truly make your home sparkle is to replace the old, broken-down windows with something updated. There are, of course, more benefits to replacing your windows than a new look. Replacing old windows increases your home’s market value, decreases the effort it takes to wash and maintain them, and prevents wasted energy. Here are four signs its time to replace your windows.

  • They are over 15-20 years old

Windows are made to last a long time, but like anything else, windows to have a breaking point. Even the most expensive windows that have been taken care of religiously will still need to be replaced around the 2-decade mark. Windows take a lot of beatings both internally and externally. From rogue balls to slanted hail, windows are weakened every day. Over time, your windows won’t be as reliable as they once were, and will eventually need replacing.

  • They are damaged

This one is pretty obvious. If your windows are damaged, it can sometimes be more cost effective to replace them than to pay for repairs. No one wants the beauty of their home to be distracted from by an eyesore such as a duct-taped window. Beyond a cracked or shattered windowpane, if your windows cannot be opened or shut properly, if there is condensation or fogging on or in between the glass, or if they are leaking air, you may want to consider replacing them.

  • Your energy bills are consistently too high

Windows are a main barrier between the inside of your home and the outdoors. The energy you spend to heat and cool your home is wasted if your windows are drafty. Older windows are typically single-paned. Today, new windows have been improved to double and even triple-paned. This decreases to amount of noise from the outside, decreases heating and cooling costs, and better protects the inside of your home from the sun’s UV rays and adverse weather conditions.

  • You would like to sell your home

If you are planning on selling your home, you are likely looking for ways to improve your home’s market value. Not only do newly updated windows improve value, but also adds to curb appeal. New windows brighten the look of your home and add the benefits of modern windows. Cutting out noise and decreasing energy costs is a plus for any potential buyer.