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30 Years of Experience

If you’re like most people, you want your new construction or remodeling project done on time and on budget. That’s why customers come to Green Rhino Builders, our workmanship, our expertise AND our reputation for getting it done right the first time. Call us today to set up a FREE estimate.  You can check out some of our great work on our gallery page.

Added Value

Green Rhino Builders is a full service construction company from site-prep, to foundation, to interior work, to shingles. We want to be your next full-service contractor.  Our work is high-quality and competitively priced.

Customer Satisfaction

The team at Green Rhino Builders is made up of great people to work with. Our customers enjoy a great rapport with our crew. To back up our commitment to customer satisfaction, we are rated on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website.

Trusted Partner

Green Rhino Builders is well-prepared to be your trusted partner. All of our equipment is company-owned and meticulously maintained. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

Four Home Renovation Projects That Increase the Value of Your House

Spiffing up every space in a home allows the owner to create a personalized design. However, it's important to consider the immediate benefits of improvements as well as the long-term financial benefits. Ideally, it is wise to invest in home renovation projects that offer the largest payoffs. This is particularly important if a property owner

Far Infrared Saunas – Fad or Healthy Addition to Your Home?

There are all sorts of claims being made about the benefits of far infrared saunas, so read on to discover what all the hype is about. You most probably first came across your sauna in a gym or health spar. If you enjoyed the experience then it probably crossed your mind that having a IR

The Top Ten Tips for Home Upgrades

Are you planning on doing some upgrades to your current home or a home you just purchased? Here are ten tips and tricks to improve the chances you’ll be delighted when you move back in. Resale. Even if you’re planning to stay in the home, think of the next owner. Making sure your upgrades add

How to Choose and Match Brick Veneer For New Construction and Additions

My neighbor spent well over $200,000 to add a beautiful addition to her traditional brick veneer Cape Cod home. But when the masonry contractor put up the brick he failed to even come close to matching the color of the mortar to the original part of the house. Even worse the new bright white mortar

Flat Roof Aluminum Carports Additions

Aluminum flat roof carports can make an excellent addition to your home. The simplistic nature of the structure lends itself to being easy to build and inexpensive to build. This type of carport can fit into relatively small places and can take the least amount of vertical space of any type of carport. The name

A Conservatory Sunroom Is A Wonderful Addition To Your Home

The home-owner has a wide range to choose from, when it comes to adding a sunroom to his/her home. The familys needs and desires should be first taken into consideration along with the general lifestyle that they usually adhere to. There are different sunroom designs ranging from a simplistic patio cover to an elaborate sunroom

Benefits of House Renovation

It becomes essential to understand the different options available to you for building renovation. A newly renovated home not only uplifts your spirit but also brings in a feeling of freshness in your life. This way, you becomes full of energy and feel supercharged. The house remodeling brings the whole family together. There are various

French Doors – An Appealing and Energy Efficient Addition to Your Home

French doors are a charming and striking addition to your property. When contemplating home improvement, energy efficiency is ranking higher in importance than ever. People are looking for attractive and stylish, sophisticated options that are able to offer energy efficiency, whilst matching their individual budget requirements. Most people using the term French doors would not

How To Lower the Cost Of Home Renovation

Home renovation is a fantastic opportunity for upgrading your home, improving the quality of life, and lowering the cooling and heating costs. However, the high costs of home renovation projects hold people back from undertaking one for their dream home. Although, the basic labor and material costs will remain the same, one can lower the

Tiling Tips For Your Home Renovation

Have you hired a Home Improvement Contractor that is about to tile your bathroom, laundry or kitchen?. What about your foyer?. If you have recently built a raised level, addition or are just remodeling, you will need to figure out what type of tile products you are going to install throughout your home renovation. We